Skyzone V1 01 

Sky Zone V1.0 - A review of the first series of tenancies across Australia

After the recent completion of the latest Sky Zone in Miranda NSW (it's here if you haven't already seen it), we thought we'd show off how it all evolved from the beginning back in 2014.

When it comes to flipping an established entertainment genre on its head, we can always rely on our friends at Fun-Lab to shake up the local market. Not content with creating a new urban entertainment genre from the humble ten pin bowling scene, they have turned their talents to redefining an old school favourite; trampolining.

This story centres on the first three venues built for Sky Zone Australia, an evolutionary step forward for the original brand leader of the trampolining industry based in the US.

The initial design direction was based on more light-hearted whimsical approach, and quirky mix of pop culture themes.

Below are highlights from the Alexandria (NSW), Macgregor (QLD), and Belconnen (ACT) tenancies. 



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